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Sharing the evaluation joy – What’s in store from ESS in 2019?

Happy new year! 

Eaten too much over Christmas?  Full of woe about Brexit?

Don’t despair! At ESS we remain relentlessly (foolishly?!) optimistic. In part because we are inspired by working with so many amazing people in the third sector and funders who make a difference – and can prove it!

To share our joy here are five things we are looking forward to in 2019.

Free gifts! – our partnerships with funders such as Big Lottery Fund, the Robertson Trust and others means that third sector gets free training and support.  Ask us or your funder if you can benefit.

Collaborating with academics: the Third Sector Research Forum holds its 5th conference in October looking at the impact of collaborative research.  Keep in touch for more details as they develop.

Positive partnerships: we will be providing practical support to help Scottish Government and third sector funding relationships get even better.

Tackling complexity: no evaluation challenge is too tough for ESS!  In 2019 we’ll share learning about evaluating intermediaries, prevention and policy influence; combining stats and stories; involving service users in evaluation and more!

Inspiring impact: we work with UK partners and bring people in Scotland together to share ideas and show that third sector can lead the way in meaningful evaluation and learning.  Our next event is on 5 March.

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