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Struggling with ‘tough’ evaluation topics? ESS can help!

Our Evaluation Approaches page has information about some of the challenging evaluation topics we can support you with. Each page signposts to various resources that can help you get started.

Outcomes approach – Our latest addition to our Evaluation Approaches page is all about outcomes and has loads of related resources. Our most recent resource is a report that summarises our discussions from our February 2021 event, ‘Were we wrong to talk about outcomes?’

Embedding and leading evaluation – How do you start embedding evaluation in your everyday work? We have general resources on embedding evaluation, particularly our ‘Making it stick’ guide and webinar. And more recently, we published our ‘Leadership in evaluation enquiry report’ which is all about taking the lead in evaluation.

Evaluating at a distance – This page was adapted from our Covid-19 page, which lists loads of resources that can help you evaluate the changes you’ve made to your activities due to the pandemic. Some of our most popular resources from this page are our new method sheets: ‘Taking stock in a time of change’ and ‘Using social media to evaluation other activities’.

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Asset-based approaches – If you need help evaluating your asset-based work for funders and policy-makers, there is an ESS guide on this page that can help you!

Evaluating partnerships – How do you evaluate the work you’ve done with others? We have two guides that might help you.

Evaluating prevention – How do you evaluate work that stops something happening? From our experience in helping third sector organisations working in a variety of fields we have developed a general guide and some specific resources.

Involving users in evaluation – This page features our resource, ‘Why bother involving people in evaluation?’ as well various user involvement case studies. The page includes videos created by young people who took the lead in evaluation (with support from the National Lottery Community Fund).

Finally, if you are struggling with a specific tough evaluation topic that isn’t listed above, do get in touch with us – we’d love to help!

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