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Understanding intermediaries’ impact – we need your help!

ESS created the Understanding Intermediaries’ Impact resource in 2017 through research with intermediaries, two consultation events and a working group.

Most of Scotland’s intermediaries were involved and all of the resource content was included for good reasons.

Now 5 years have passed, we wonder now if some content could be removed to make the guide more focused. We could also add a small amount of extra practical advice on data collection or make links to other resources.

However, we don’t want to spend time changing a resource if it’s already good enough. We know that resources may not always do enough on their own to help with evaluation challenges – so we may need to do other things (e.g. training, learning events, work with funders).

We need your help to know how best to help you!

Answer this really short survey to let us know – what’s good about the resource, what could be better and how.

If you have used this resource, please draw from your experience. If you haven’t used the resource, your views are just as valuable – you’ll just need to read it first!