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Wellbeing at ESS

At ESS, staff and trustee wellbeing is central to how we work; we support them and help them develop, so they can fulfil their roles and feel valued!

To achieve this, we believe it is good practice to embed evaluation into all aspects of our organisation throughout the year. We do this by evaluating our workshops, tailored support and events; individually we add feedback from our work to our support and supervision notes; at team meetings we have an item to celebrate successes and another to focus on a particular piece of work to draw together the learning!

We want our team to be at their best, enjoy work and recognise each other’s stressors and energisers. We believe that it is important to recognise that everyone has ups and downs, in and outside of work and that we all have different needs to manage that.

We know that wellbeing is an ongoing process, and our wellbeing policy aims to reflect on how we can help each other as colleagues, and as an organisation, rather than just responding to crisis!

MaRtha Lester-Cribb, Deputy Director

Our wellbeing policy is about how we recognise and manage different needs so that we can all individually be at our best, and so that ESS can perform at its best!

The policy is co-created with the ESS team to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.

MaRtha Lester-Cribb, Deputy Director
  • No-one is perfect and we will all have times when we are not at our best
  • We need to look out for and support each other and that might look different for different people
Staff & Board Away Day

To support this, an allowance is provided for staff to do things like take a short course, or class to learn new skills, or go for a massage or spa day!

Felicity at a sewing class
Martha at a pottery workshop
MaRtha Lester-Cribb, Deputy Director


Marianne Kirsop, Communications Officer

It is important that we know that this policy is being used as intended and is meeting a need – so we measure the success of the policy in various ways, including keeping lines of communication open between managers and staff, and through our annual staff survey.