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Working together better – learning opportunity!

This autumn ESS is running a learning group for third sector organisations who want to reflect and learn about positive partnerships as we move towards recovery.  Early findings and conversations show that partnerships between third sector and public sector organisations were different and better during the Covid-19 crisis.

By evaluating partnerships we can decide what do we want to hold on to in the future (what has showed signs of promise during the crisis) and what do we want to let go of (about old ways of working in partnership).

This learning group may appeal to you if you are keen to look at your partnerships in a new way. Or perhaps you may be wondering:

  • We have successfully partnered together around crisis related issues, but how do we bring partners together around non-crisis issues (ie prevention)?
  • We communicated better with our partners during the crisis – how can we continue doing this as we move into recovery?
  • We paused some processes during this time. Which of these can we let go of in the future and which of them do we need to keep? Why?

We welcome applications from any third sector organisation who has partnered with a public sector organisation during the pandemic. Please apply by completing this very short form. If you have any queries please email Nicola (