Crisis to Recovery Case Study: Get2gether

et2gether arranges social activities for people with disabilities in safe and friendly places in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Covid-19 completely changed the course of their organisation.

Crisis to Recovery Case Study: GRACE

GRACE is a local community group in East Dunbartonshire providing aftercare support and prevention activities to vulnerable adults with mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, social isolation issues or any life trauma.

Crisis to Recovery Case Study: SCVO

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) identified a marked increase in the queries relating to Human Resources (HR) and employment issues.

Crisis to Recovery Case Study: Sorted Project

The Sorted Project supports people in Edinburgh and the Lothians recovering from substance dependency and mental health. Prior to Covid-19 they had commissioned a canal boat which they were using as a base to run groups and activities.