Evaluation Declaration Health Check Tool

The Scotland Funders’ Forum (SFF) is a group of public and independent funders who work together to try to make funding better.  One part of that is monitoring and evaluation.  In December 2006 the Forum published the Evaluation Declaration which sets out 5 statements that describe why evaluation, monitoring and reporting are important and what they should achieve.  This tool is the next step to help funders work out to what extent the Declaration reflects reality.

The tool was tested successfully in 2007 and 2008 with 11 independent and statutory funders.  We made a few amendments in 2010 to take account of the SFF Harmonising Reporting good practice.

Filling in the Evaluation Declaration Health Check tool will help you think about the way you undertake monitoring and evaluation in your role as a funder and your relationship with funded organisations.  It will help you identify what you do well and areas where you might do better.