Evaluation Declaration

This declaration is about the relationship between funders and the organisations they fund.  It is about how and why we evaluate our work together.

There are five statements.  The statements describe why monitoring, evaluation and reporting are important and what they should achieve.

For some funders and funded organisations this declaration describes their approach to monitoring, evaluation and reporting right now.

Others are moving towards the statements in the declaration but they are not there yet and challenges remain.

The declaration does not have an official status.  But it is important.

The declaration is evidence of shared thinking between funders and a shared agenda with the organisations they fund.  For the first time in Scotland funders have set out their view and vision of monitoring and evaluation.  And they have done it together.

The declaration should help the voluntary sector and others understand what is important to funders in monitoring and evaluation and so improve relationships between funders and funded organisations.  This declaration in turn will, in a small way, help ensure that our work is focussed on making a positive and vital difference for the people of Scotland.