Getting the best from the third sector: A toolkit for managing funding relationships and funding schemes

This toolkit is for SG officials with responsibility for managing funding relationships with third sector organisations.

It is intended to help you:

  1. Manage your funding relationship with funded organisations in line with monitoring and evaluation best practice or
  2. Review a funding scheme, if you want to do so

Scottish Government provides funding to third sector organisations to help achieve its purpose and outcomes.

When you provide funding to third sector organisations you should ask those funded organisations to report to you at least annually and usually every 6 months. This will enable you in turn to report to Ministers on the contribution that funded projects and funding schemes are making to the National Performance Framework and Ministerial priorities. Ministers may also want to use learning from funded projects and programmes for future policy-making. 

So that means you need to get the right information about the effectiveness and impact of funding schemes and funded organisations.

This toolkit was developed by Third Sector Unit and Evaluation Support Scotland.  It has been tested with officials.