Harmonising Reporting

Please note that the following resource is historical as it was published in 2010. Although old, most of the guide’s messages are still relevant.

Research on reporting found that funders don’t always get what they need from the reports they receive and that third sector organisations can find the reporting process burdensome. So, in response to this a group of funders and funded organisations got together to look at reporting. The work was facilitated by ESS and funded by members of the Scotland Funders’ Forum (SFF).

The harmonising reporting working group found that harmonising reporting is about creating a good relationship between funders and the organisations they fund; communicating clearly; and thinking carefully about what questions are to ask (funders) and what information to provide (funded organisations). The report sets out practical tips, templates and guidance to help make this happen.
It would be great to hear if this makes a difference to reporting in practice so please let us know by email here.