Indicators for Measuring Citizens Advice

This document gives a core list of indicators for measuring Citizens Advice Bureaux advice activity and outcomes. It was developed as part of our Harmonising Indicators Project (HIP) – a follow up programme to Measuring Outcomes from Citizens Advice. The work initiated by Parkhead CAB and funded by Citizens Advice Scotland Development Committee took place between May 2016 and April 2017. It involved a learning set who met 6 times to explore how we could develop a more proportionate and useful monitoring and reporting system for bureaux (CABx).

The Indicators for Measuring Citizens Advice pack suggests definitions and a small set of core indicators for measuring:

  • Clients: the number and client profile
  • Activities: the number of contacts, advice issues and type of support given
  • Outcomes:  3 types of outcome (advice service, advice and client outcomes)

The pack provides a more rational set of indicators that CABx can offer to funders and is designed to encourage funders to adopt the same set of core indicators for reporting.

This publication is related to Measuring Outcomes from Citizens Advice