Inspiring Impact Case Study: Circle

Circle is a Scottish charity working at the heart of deprived communities across central Scotland.  Their aim is to support the most disadvantaged and difficult-to-engage children and families to improve their lives and promote their healthy development and potential.

Circle joined the Embedding Impact Practice Group (EIPG) facilitated Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) in October 2015. They were keen to use the learning to re-evaluate how our organisation uses information to show what difference is being made by our support to families and also to cascade the learning within the different Circle teams.

Read this case study to find out how Inspiring Impact helped Circle to improve their impact practice.

“Embedding impact practice and evaluation is about always looking at what you’re doing.  It’s a cycle you should be on all the time”.

“Practitioners should always use time for reflection.  It’s easy to get bogged down on delivery and lose sight of what you want to achieve.”