Inspiring Impact case study: Getting colleagues on board with evaluation

This case study tells the story of how Changeworks, one of Scotland’s largest environmental charities, got colleagues on board to embed their evaluation systems through the whole organisation.

They formed team of evaluation champions with one person representing each department. Their roles were to:

  • to liaise with Heads of Departments to agree a process to collect data
  • to gather data and evidence within their team
  • to ‘sell the story’ of the importance of evaluation and understanding our impact to colleagues in their departments, and 
  • to work closely with the key person leading the process to ensure the aims of evaluation review were met.

Read the case study to find out how they did this.

Impact measurement is… “…an ongoing task! It needs to be constantly reviewed and refined. Leadership support is vital at the same time as having a good clear structure, process, plan and resource in place… to gather the relevant data to carry out the evaluation.”