ESS Evaluation Tool: Interactive Logic Model Template

A logic model tells the story of your project or programme in a diagram and a few simple words. It shows a causal connection between the need you have identified, what you do and how this makes a difference for individuals and communities.

ESS Support Guide 1.2 Developing a Logic Model gives you tips on completing a logic model.

This interactive logic model, based on the University of Wisconsin model has been designed as an editable electronic document with spaces for you to fill in to create your own logic model which you can save, edit, share with your colleagues and print.

How to use this template

Download and save before editing the template. 

If you have any difficulties then we recommend downloading the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat.

This template was created for Measuring Outcomes Citizens Advice. We are very grateful to the partnership for allowing this to be generally available.