LEAP for Greenspace projects (2005)

LEAP stands for Learning, Evaluation and Planning. There are a number of versions of the LEAP framework. LEAP Greenspace has been designed for organisations working in the environmental sector.

If your work involves bringing about environmental change to improve quality of life for urban communities or supporting changes in people’s attitudes to the urban environment, the Greenspace LEAP framework will make your job easier.

It can help you plan and evaluate your work in partnership with colleagues, other organisations and with members of the community. The emphasis of LEAP is on self-evaluation (setting and agreeing the criteria upon which success will be measured as part of the planning process). This will encourage you and other stakeholders to take joint responsibility for planning and evaluation throughout a project or programme.

Free to download from the website below.

A hard copy of the greenspace LEAP handbook is also available (charges apply). Contact greenspace scotland for more information.