LEAP for Volunteering

Leap stands for Learning, Evaluation and Planning. There are a number of versions of the LEAP framework. LEAP for Volunteering was developed by Scottish Community Development Centre for Volunteer Centres Scotland in 2003. This planning and participatory self-evaluation tool was developed specifically for volunteer centres and other organisations engaging with volunteers. It covers what is involved in volunteer development; identifying appropriate evaluation indicators; providing evidence of what has been done and the difference it has made and aims to help organisations to learn from their experience.

The document explains how inputs; processes; outputs and outcomes are interrelated through the planning/evaluation cycle. It proposes a five step approach:

■what needs to change
■how will we know if it has changed
■what inputs & processes will we use to make change happen
■did we use these as planned
■what changed (whether intended or not).

A series of diagrams demonstrates how core purposes and dimensions of volunteering can be addressed using the LEAP framework. The document is wide ranging, and a glossary is included.

Free to download.