Report: Apples and Peers

In 2009-10, Community Food and Health (Scotland) or CFHS established a ‘Learning Account’ with Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS). This proved to be an effective way to support community groups to develop their self-evaluation skills and was continued into 2010-11.

The Learning Account enables community food initiatives to access a range of evaluation training offered by ESS. This year 10 people from nine different organisations took part in four workshops between January and March 2011. The workshops were offered as part of ESS’s open course programme.

The intended outcomes for this work were for projects to have:
1. Increased self-evaluation skills;
2. Improved self-evaluation practice in their organisations; and
3. Increased ability to explain the impact of their work and to use that evidence in reports.

This report shows how and to what extent the evaluation support helped projects achieve these outcomes.