Report: Community Sport and Enterprise Evaluation Learning Set Final Impact Report

Over the past 2 years, 8 community sport organisations worked together along with The Robertson Trust and Evaluation Support Scotland to build our skills and capacity to measure and report on what we do and the difference we make. 

This report is written from the perspective of the 8 organisations.

The learning set was successful.  We all had different starting points but we have all improved our evaluation skills, knowledge and confidence.  We have used evaluation to improve our work, motivate our people and attract more funding.  We learned more about how we achieve outcomes and what those outcomes are.

This report tells you

  • What the benefits of doing evaluation are for community sport projects
  • How community sport projects can do evaluation – approaches and methods
  • Some evidence of the impact of community sport on health outcomes, confidence, leadership and team-working, education and employment and community safety

By reading about how we worked together in the learning set you should also learn how to build evaluation capacity amongst community projects.