SIT? Mapping exercises for Midlothian

Last Updated: Thursday 17 October 2019.

Informal Community Action & Reshaping Care for Older People Research Report, written by Midlothian Voluntary Action (MVA),  is a short piece of research on the role played by the informal voluntary sector in offering activities to fit older people in Midlothian.  A wide range of activities were identified through talking to people in Gorebridge and Bonnyrigg.  The report highlights

  • How local people find out about informal groups and organisations
  • Barriers and enablers for sustainability
  • How the informal voluntary sector relates to the Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) agenda
  • Suggestions for how funders and planners need to support local groups (for example ensuring premises and transport are available)

Similar mapping exercises were undertaken in Edinburgh by EVOC called ‘Community mapping of older people’s services and activities, Stitch in Time’ and in East Lothian by STRiVE.