Stats & Stories in community settings:a guide to blending different types of evidence in evaluation reports

This guide is aimed at third sector organisations. It is a practical guide to reporting on outcomes blending qualitative and quantitative information. We hope that you can use it to reflect upon your own use of stats and stories and take practical steps to improve your reporting. This might be useful to funders, your board or others.

It is not a full guide on how to how to set and measure, analyse and report on outcomes.

  • We include a quick reminder about outcomes on page 18 at the end of this document
  • In relevant sections we outline some basic information about collecting, analysing and reporting on outcomes and signpost you to other resources and support guides that can help.

The guide is set out in sections

  • What we mean by stats and stories
  • Review the information you collect
  • Planning for better stats and story information
  • Analysing and combining stats and stories
  • Reporting on stats and stories
  • Reporting examples