Walking the talk: A guide for funders on how we evaluate our policy and practice influencing work (2016) – case study

This resource contains two case studies. One from Life Changes Trust on improving the wellbeing and quality of life of care experienced by young people, and one from Inspiring Scotland on investing in play.

These case studies came from Walking the talk which is a guide produced by funders on how funders evaluate their policy and practice influencing work.

This practical resource helps funders:

  • Explore how funders use evidence to influence policy and practice outside their organisations
  • Evaluate the difference made by their influencing work

This guide was produced from the experience and evidence gathered by people from seven funders in Scotland with facilitation from Evaluation Support Scotland.

The guide includes a logic model of funders’ influencing work; outcome indicators and examples of data collection methods, and funder case studies (longer versions of two of these case studies are shown here).

Although this resource is firstly for people who work for independent funders, it is also relevant for people in Scottish Government, local government and public bodies who fund and/or commission services or make policy decisions.

This project was possible thanks to generous funding from The Robertson Trust. The cost of the publication was met by the Big Lottery Fund. In addition to this, members of the learning set provided support in kind.