Budgeting for evaluation

ESS held a peer learning event for those in Scotland’s third sector with the responsibility of leading evaluation within their organisation. This resource will outline some tips on how to budget for evaluation. This event took place on 11 October 2022.  

Developing a Balanced Scorecard to measure performance (1998)

This report introduces the Balanced Scorecard as a comprehensive view of an organisation’s performance, tying long term goals and priorities with the actions required to achieve them. Written by Accounts Commission for Scotland (Audit Scotland).

How good is our Third Sector Organisation?

‘How good is our third sector organisation?’ (HGIOTSO) is a self-evaluation resource created to support the third sector to evaluate their performance and to identify priorities for action. The resource

The Lasting Difference

The Lasting Difference® is the guide by Wren and Greyhound for sustaining non-profit organisations.