Canterbury Wellbeing Scales

The Canterbury Wellbeing Scales (CWS) were developed to assess subjective wellbeing in people with mild to moderate dementias, family caregivers, and professional caregivers who care for this population. It is suitable for use by people in the community as well as researchers. 

How to measure your impact on wellbeing

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing has developed a guide that aims to help charities and social enterprises measure their impact on wellbeing. The guide includes an explanation of what ‘wellbeing’

Measuring mental wellbeing in children and young people

Published by The National Mental Health, Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network this guide written to inform public health commissioners will be useful if you commission interventions to improve the mental wellbeing of

Reversing the Trend

‘Reversing the trend’ is a joint project, funded by Scottish Government, involving Evaluation Support Scotland, the Partnership Drugs Initiative (previously known as the ‘Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland Partnership Drugs Initiative’) and six