Scotland’s Third Sector Research Forum

Welcome to Scotland’s Third Sector Research Forum webpages. Evaluation Support Scotland convenes and holds the secretariat of the Forum with support from the Scottish Government Third Sector Unit.

What the Forum does

Scotland’s Third Sector Research Forum brings together third sector, academic and public sector partners to

  • promote and share research about and from the third sector
  • encourage the use of third sector research to improve policy and practice
  • produce resources and deliver events to support third sector researchers and encourage collaboration with academic partners.


Planning and meeting

The Third Sector Research Forum meets regularly and produce annual work plans.


Evidence papers and resources

Evidence papers and other resources that the Scotland’s Third Sector Research Forum produces.


Events and conferences

Events and conferences that bring together third sector practitioners and academic researchers to share knowledge and collaborate.


For academics: why collaborate with third sector?

Collaborating with third sector partners may be significant to evidencing your impact for the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

TSRF members

Members include representatives from a variety of research-active third sector organisations, public sector organisations and academics from Scottish universities.


Represented by Amy Baker

As a funder of charitable organisations who work with 0-3, Cattanach’s research aims to better understand the earliest years of children’s lives, and how they can be improved. This includes attempts to give those too young to have a voice a chance to participate in research through harnessing the latest early years research methods. We also use our research to link the grassroots to the systemic scale, exploring how policy change can ultimately improve the lives of the children, families and organisations we support.

Cattanach Website

Corra Foundation

Represented by Elaine Wilson

Corra is interested in research that contributes to our vision in which people create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives and that helps support people and communities to come together to respond to big challenges.

Corra Foundation Website

Children in Scotland

Represented by Amy Woodhouse

Children in Scotland is the national network organisation improving children’s lives. Our research supports us to achieve our strategic priorities, which include championing the participation of children and young people, increasing support for families, challenging inequalities and developing the children’s sector workforce. We have a particular interest in peer research, collaborating with children and young people as co-researchers. We are also commissioned to undertake independent evaluations of children’s sector organisations and project. Current and recent research projects include in the areas of home and belonging for care experienced young people, addressing place based health inequalities, diversity in teaching and cycling.

Children in Scotland Website

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Represented by Lucy Mulvagh

The ALLIANCE leads, partners and commissions research on a wide range of topics to support our work to inform and influence policy and practice that puts people at the centre. We also work with partners to support and promote peer research in Scotland. Some of the research issues we have recently focused on include: Self-directed Support (SDS) and social care; social security; women and girl’s health; human rights; employability; and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) Website

Inclusion Scotland

Represented by Rebecca McGregor

Inclusion Scotland is a disabled people’s organisation which regularly undertakes and contributes to research on issues which impact on disabled people’s lives and inclusion in society. We are particularly interested in research on social security, social care support, employment and human rights. Inclusion Scotland promotes the use of co-production methodologies in research and was the lead organisation for the Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) Programme in Scotland, which funded co-produced research projects between 2015-2020.

Inclusion Scotland Website

Policy Scotland

Represented by Sarah Weakley

Policy Scotland is a research and knowledge exchange unit in the University of Glasgow’s College of Social Sciences. We foster co-operation between academics, practitioners and policy makers, and pool this collective expertise in order to flesh out new initiatives, test the effectiveness of interventions, generate better evidence and engage a wide variety of audiences, including third sector partners.

Policy Scotland Website

Poverty Alliance

Represented by Fiona McHardy, Laura Robertson

The Poverty Alliance was established in 1992 and has more than 350 members drawn from across civil society and the public sector. We focus on addressing low incomes in and out of work, improving services for those experiencing poverty, enabling the participation of people in poverty in policy development, and addressing attitudes towards poverty.

Poverty Alliance Website

Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Represented by Dinah Aitken

Promoting greater awareness of learning difficulties and neurodiversity through conducting and collaborating in research. Seeking to make links between evidence and practice. We are partners with the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

Salvesen Mindroom Centre Website

Waverley Care

Represented by Jennifer Goff

Waverley Care carries out and commissions research on HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health. Our research primarily focuses on better understanding people’s experiences of accessing blood borne virus prevention, testing and support services.

Waverley Care Website