About the members

Who are the members?

The Third Sector Research Forum includes:

  • People who DO research (e.g. third sector researchers and academics)
  • People who COMMISSION research (e.g. funders, Scottish Government)
  • People who USE research (e.g. policy makers, practitioners, campaigners)

Who is on the steering group?

The forum’s steering group consists of members who volunteer their time and expertise to support the forum and wider sector. The steering group members:

  • Support the planning of events and activities for the wider forum
  • Share expertise and help lead activities to support and benefit third sector research and researchers
  • Promote the forum and encourage researchers to participate
  • Assist with the evaluation of the forum

Steering group meetings

The steering group meets four times a year, meetings are held in person as well as online.

Minutes produced from the meetings.

TSRF 2023 meeting minutes:

TSRF 2022 meeting minutes:

    TSRF 2021 meeting minutes:

    TSRF 2020 meeting minutes:

    The benefits of becoming a member:

    Two individuals on our steering group, Amy Calder (Senior Policy & Research Officer, YouthLink Scotland) and Fiona McHardy (Research & Information Manager, The Poverty Alliance) discuss the benefits of becoming a member of the TSRF below!

    What is a community of practice?

    The forum is a community of practice (CoP). A CoP is a group of people who share a common interest and wish to learn from one another in order to achieve individual or group goals. Participants come together to acquire, pool and create knowledge in a specific area of practice. The process is iterative, meaning new areas of practice can be suggested and explored by those involved.

    The Third Sector Research Forum provides an opportunity for its members to share practice, ideas, challenges, opportunities and dilemmas related to third sector research. Topics being discussed have been grouped into these Areas of Focus.


    Join the forum

    Joining the Third Sector Research Forum will give you the opportunity to join the community of practice and network with other members who have an interest in third sector research.