Cost of Living

We have compiled third sector research investigating the cost of living crisis.

A Crisis on our Doorstep – Barnardo’s UK

Exposes the severe impact of the cost-of-living crisis on children, young people and families across the UK. View here.

Disabled People, Unpaid Carers and the Cost-of-Living Crisis: Impacts, Responses, and Long Term Solutions – The Alliance

Calls for final support. View here.

“It’s Hard Work Being Poor” – Scottish Women’s Budget Group

Women’s experiences of the cost-of-living crisis in Scotland. View here.

Living without a lifeline – One Parent Families Scotland

Feedback from 260 single parents highlights their experiences and priorities. View here.

Members Meet Up: What Price Health? The Cost-of-Living Crisis, Health and the Third Sector – Voluntary Health Scotland

Members discussed how the cost-of-living crisis was impacting their organisations and the people they support. View here.

Public Dept and Arrears in Scotland – The Robertson Trust

The Robertson Trust has published new research showing that many low-income families are being pushed into debt and arrears by the public bodies meant to be helping them through the cost-of-living emergency. View here.

Research lessons from cost of living study – Volunteer Scotland

Testing our resilience” was a paper investigating the impact of the cost of living crisis on volunteering and volunteers. View here.

Researching rising costs using a longitudinal panel study – SCVO

The Scottish Third Sector Tracker (Tracker) is a community of third sector organisations. The community was established in response to the pandemic as third sector support organisations, including SCVO, Scottish Government and funders, sought to understand the challenges facing third sector organisations and how best to support them. View here.

Cost of Living, 2022 – Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Scotland hosted a session for all social enterprises who are concerned about inflation and the significant and spiralling increases in the cost of living. View here.

The Cost of Living Crisis in Scotland: analytical report – Scottish Government

This report draws together analysis from a wide range of sources to provide an overview of emerging evidence on the cost of living crisis. It has been produced by a cross-government group of analysts. View here.

Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on income: labour market changes and policy solutions – The Fraser of Allander Institute

An accurate picture of the distribution of household incomes post-pandemic is needed in order to examine the impact of the pandemic on household incomes and to assess the effectiveness of policy to tackle these issues. View here.

Keeping the Doors Open – Age Scotland

What do older people’s community groups need to recover from the impact of Covid-19? View here.