Research participants

This page is about recruiting and working with research participants in third sector research.

  • Research interview participant information

    This is an example of a research interview participant information sheet that has been written by Noreen Grant when she was undertaking her PhD at the University of Highlands and

Involving young people in research and research design – Binks Hub and Citadel Youth Centre

Binks Hub and Citadel Youth Centre collaborate on youth-led research, intergenerational work, connecting academia with communities and how to involve youth people in research. Read more here.

Innovative Research Methods: Using video as participant recruitment tool – The University of Highlands and Islands

This research investigates how digital technologies might help to reduce inequalities in mental health recovery in rural Highlands and Islands. Read the paper here.

Supporting the Peer Research Journey: Ethics, Safeguarding and Support – The Mental Health Foundation

Presentation on enabling the peer research journey. View here.

The Peer Research Journey: Supporting Researchers and Participants – The Mental Health Foundation

Workshop on supporting the peer research journey. View here.

Example of how to introduce your research and invite participants – University of the Highlands and Islands

Research to inform the development of a digital resource to support mental health recovery in rural areas.