Planning and meeting

Work plan

The Third Sector Research Forum produce annual work plans with an overview of the work the forum aim to do.

Work plan for the 2021/22

  • Standing item at each Forum meeting 
  • Share data amongst members
  • Communicate key findings more widely 
  • Invite third sector and academic guest speakers to share their third sector research at forum meetings 
  • Continue to promote the Forum’s previous evidence papers 
  • Promote research by Forum members 
  • Provide occasional advice to key relevant research (e.g. respond to calls for evidence) 
  • Deliver 2 Learning together events in partnership with Policy Scotland – showcasing third sector research
  • Consult and finalise TSRF guide to applying ethical research principles
  • Plan and deliver a post-launch event about the TSRF ethics guide to be held in February 2022
  • Gather and publish learning about online research
  • Topic A: Ethics of data sharing
  • Topic B: Dissemination of ethics guide (over summer 2021) thereafter another subject

  • Maintain and develop Forum webpages
  • Quarterly TSRF newsletter
  • Tweet using TSRF Twitter account @TSRFScot
  • Continue to promote the TSRF to wider third sector and academic audiences
  • Disseminate TSRF ethics guide
  • Gather case studies and evidence of use of ethics guide

The meetings and subgroups provide opportunities for members to network and seek support. At each meeting all members give a research update for their organisation.

Our workplan for 2021/22

Previous work plans

Previous years have included research on using lived experience as evidence, funding for third sector research, research collaboration brokers, co-production; inclusive growth; partnership working; volunteering benefits for people with complex needs, and the health of the third sector.


The Third Sector Research Forum meets four times a year and members take it in turns to host meetings at their venues in different parts of Scotland.

Minutes are produced from the meetings:

TSRF 2018 meeting minutes

TSRF 2017 meeting minutes

TSRF 2016 meeting minutes

TSRF 2015/16 meeting minutes

TSRF 2014/15 meeting minutes

TSRF 2013/14 meeting minutes

TSRF 2012/13 meeting minutes

TSRF 2011/12 meeting minutes

TSRF 2010/11 meeting minutes

TSRF 2009/10 meeting minutes

TSRF 2008/09 meeting minutes


The Forum has produced a Third Sector Evidence Framework 

This document, among other things, aligns the Forum’s work to the policy priorities of the third sector and the public sector. This is so that as a Forum we can:

  • identify where we can use evidence to support or challenge Scottish Government policy decisions
  • maximise the impact of evidence in policy and practice at local and national levels.