Planning and meeting

Work plan

The Third Sector Research Forum produce annual work plans with an overview of the work the forum aim to do.

Work plan for the 2020/21

  • Standing item at each Forum meeting 
  • Share data amongst members
  • Communicate key findings more widely 
  • Invite third sector and academic guest speakers to share their third sector research at forum meetings 
  • Continue to promote the Forum’s previous evidence papers 
  • Promote research by Forum members 
  • Provide occasional advice to key relevant research (e.g. respond to calls for evidence) 
  • Deliver Learning together – The possibilities and practicalities of academic and third sector collaboration joint Policy Scotland/TSRF events 
  • Plan and deliver the sixth TSRF conference – to be held in February 2021 
  • Topic A: To explore ethics and ethical approval for third sector research 
  • Topic B: Using lived experience as evidence and/or participatory action research 
  • Maintain and develop Forum webpages 
  • Quarterly TSRF newsletter 
  • Tweet using TSRF Twitter account @TSRFScot 
  • Continue to promote the TSRF to wider third sector and academic audiences 

The meetings and subgroups provide opportunities for members to network and seek support. At each meeting all members give a research update for their organisation.

Our workplan for 2020/21

Previous work plans

Previous years have included research on using lived experience as evidence, funding for third sector research, research collaboration brokers, co-production; inclusive growth; partnership working; volunteering benefits for people with complex needs, and the health of the third sector.


The Third Sector Research Forum meets four times a year and members take it in turns to host meetings at their venues in different parts of Scotland.

Minutes are produced from the meetings:

TSRF 2018 meeting minutes

TSRF 2017 meeting minutes

TSRF 2016 meeting minutes

TSRF 2015/16 meeting minutes

TSRF 2014/15 meeting minutes

TSRF 2013/14 meeting minutes

TSRF 2012/13 meeting minutes

TSRF 2011/12 meeting minutes

TSRF 2010/11 meeting minutes

TSRF 2009/10 meeting minutes

TSRF 2008/09 meeting minutes


The Forum has produced a Third Sector Evidence Framework 

This document, among other things, aligns the Forum’s work to the policy priorities of the third sector and the public sector. This is so that as a Forum we can:

  • identify where we can use evidence to support or challenge Scottish Government policy decisions
  • maximise the impact of evidence in policy and practice at local and national levels.