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Inspiring Impact produces case studies, reviews and other publications to support charities with embedding impact measurement into their practice. 

Key resources

  • The Code of Good Impact Practice was produced by our Inspiring Impact partner, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).  The Code is the product of consultation with stakeholders from across the non-profit sector and aims to provide clear, broad, and agreed guidelines of good impact. You can find case studies of charities working the principles of the Code into their organisational practice in the follow-up publication: Putting the Code into Practice
  • Are you leading for impact? explores the benefits – including how focusing on impact can help improve services, motivate frontline staff and reduce monitoring burdens – and weighs these against the costs of impact measurement.  
  • Funders’ principles and drivers of impact practice aims to provide a starting point for discussions and offer a framework for funders to consider their impact practice, upon which a bespoke approach can be built or developed further. This framework is designed to encourage good impact practice and to offer practical and useful guidance for funders, and to help funders promote good impact practice amongst the organisations and people they support.

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