Knowledge Translation Network

About Knowledge Translation                      

The Knowledge Translation Network (KTN) defines Knowledge Translation as making sure that evidence is available and accessible for the people or organisations that need to understand or use it.

There are a variety of terms that refer to the work of helping people to access knowledge, or evidence, and use it in their decision-making. For example, knowledge translation, knowledge brokering, knowledge exchange, knowledge mobilisation, evidence-into-action. Although these terms may be used to describe specific activities or roles, we recognise that they are often used interchangeably depending on the setting or field of work.

What the KTN does

The KTN aims to simplify complex ideas and language around the collection and use of evidence to enable third sector practitioners to share their own evidence and use others’ evidence to improve their work.

We do this by:

  • sharing our expertise and knowledge to shine a light on the process and purpose of knowledge translation
  • being aware of the variety of approaches to collecting and using different forms of evidence and sharing these approaches in an engaging and accessible way for third sector colleagues and policy makers
  • using our networks and working in parallel with the Third Sector Research Forum to champion the use of third sector evidence
  • identifying emerging trends or topics in evidence use and knowledge translation
  • learning from each other so we benefit from the range of perspectives that members have from working in and across different fields of the third sector

Who we are

The KTN is a working group that was established in 2012. It consists of core members from:

    The Robertson Trust (TRT) 

    The National Lottery Community Fund

    Life Changes Trust (LCT) 

    Carnegie UK Trust (CUKT)

    Community Health Exchange (CHEX) 

    Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS)

    Third Sector Unit– Scottish Government (TSU)

KTN members meet quarterly and actively work together on a range of activities to support third sector evidence use, such as producing useful resources. The KTN has limited capacity  to involve new members, but if you would like to talk more about membership or the work that we do please feel free to contact us.

Publications produced by KTN

Evidence for Success: Collaborating with academics (2016)

Guide is for anyone in the third sector who wants to link to academics to generate and/or use evidence to improve policy and practice

Evidence for Success guide (2015)

Easy to follow, step-by-step guidance and resources to support organisations to use evidence to influence policy and practice.

Evidence from Elsewhere: Gathering, analysing and using other people’s evidence (2017)

A guide to using secondary evidence from third sector and other sources.

Engaging with evidence (2019)

This guide prepared by KTN introduces what is meant by communities engaging with evidence and why it is important.