KT websites

Below is a list of some of the organisations leading in the field of knowledge translation and policy into practice.

Inspiring Impact is a UK-wide programme that aims to change the way the UK voluntary sector thinks about impact. The programme is managed and delivered by eight organisations, of which Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) is a member. Others include: membership bodies to ensure that it is owned by the sector, and impact measurement specialists to reflect best measurement practice.

Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland

Nesta – Alliance for Useful Evidence

An open network and forum to champion the use of evidence in decision making for social policy and practice.

What Works Scotland

What Works Scotland is a new initiative to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to make decisions about public service development and reform. ESS works with What Works Scotland in an advisory capacity.

What Works Centres (elsewhere in the UK):

For Local Economic Growth 

This centre, analyses, gathers and disseminates research evidence across a wide spectrum of interventions for local economic growth – such as employment, skills, regeneration and transport initiatives. 

For Crime Reduction

A consortium of eight universities, in partnership with the College of Policing, are working together on a three-year programme of work to build more evidence on what really works in reducing crime. 

For Aging Better

The Big Lottery Fund is in the process of creating the Centre for Ageing Better, a £50 million hub for the gathering and application of evidence to identify what makes for a better quality of life in older age.

Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) have information and resources on a range of topics including but not limited to older people, Crime, and Early Years. 


NPC (New Philanthropy Capital) is a charity think tank and consultancy which works with charities and funders, helping them achieve the greatest impact. 

IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services), promotes positive outcomes for people who use Scotland’s social services. 

Care Inspectorate Hub

A place to keep up-to-date with good practice and policy in the care sector in Scotland. The hub provides tools, guidance and shares innovative practice.