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  • Harmonising Reporting

    Research on reporting found that funders don’t always get what they need from the reports they receive and that third sector organisations can find the reporting process burdensome. So in

  • Report: Funders and funded in harmony – Where are we now?

    This 2017 report reflects on Harmonising Reporting; it outlines the original problem to be solved and how Harmonising Reporting came about. The report includes examples and case studies of improvements in reporting practice since 2010 and summarises where we are now. It also has suggestions on what could come next.

  • Reporting on core funding – addressing the challenge

    This short paper came from an event where funders and third sector organisations discussed the challenges of understanding and reporting on core funding.  The paper does not have all the

  • Funders’ online reporting systems – a reflection paper (2018)

    This paper is for funders that have, or are developing online reporting systems. It summaries reflections from a discussion session in January 2018 at which funders shared experiences of online

  • Evaluation Declaration

    We worked with the SFF to produce The Evaluation Declaration. This has 5 statements that describe why monitoring, evaluation and reporting are important and what they should achieve. Funders are saying they believe evaluation is valuable, relevant, proportionate, supported and involves looking from the inside and outside at our work.


  • Evaluation Declaration Health Check Tool

    Filling in the Evaluation Declaration Health Check tool will help you think about the way you undertake monitoring and evaluation in your role as a funder and your relationship with funded organisations.

Thematic programme resources

  • The Story of Support in the Right Direction

    This report tells the story of our thematic programme ‘Support in the Right Direction’ which ran from April 2012 to March 2015. We helped 42 Scottish Government funded Independent Support projects measure and report on the impact of their work.

This report shows:

  1. How thematic programmes can demonstrate the impact of funding in a particular field of work or policy area. 
  2. How to work collaboratively with third sector organisations. 
  3. How Evaluation Support Scotland works in a range of ways to support third sector.  

Inspiring Impact resources 

  1. Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice June 2013
  2. How funders in Scotland measure their own impact June 2014  
  3. Blog by Dr Cassy Rutherford, The Robertson Trust : Taking our own advice – Embedding impact practice across our organisation

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