We support third sector organisations

Open workshops

Our Let’s Evaluate! workshops are designed to help third sector organisations demonstrate the difference they make. We run these several times throughout the year as open workshops.

Commissioned workshops

Find out more about commissioning our workshops for your organisation or your members/funded organisations.

Tailored support

ESS provides more in-depth evaluation support tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Image of evaluation workshop

Self-directed learning

ESS have created free, online, interactive learning modules for members of third sector organisations to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to do self-evaluation at their own pace.

Examples of working with us

In these case studies, organisations share their evaluation journey and how they are evaluating successfully.

Evaluation Leaders Network

The Evaluation Leaders’ Network is for people in the third sector who have responsibility for making evaluation happen in their organisation.

Browse our “Evaluation Pathway” to find FREE resources, tools and simple support guides.  That might be all you need to get going.

Get started learning about evaluation

Evaluation Pathway

Navigating the evaluation pathway is one way of getting started or checking that you are progressing.

Get Started

“Since the support we have gone through all of our paperwork… referral forms, questionnaires everything and I think we must have reduced it all by a third….so we have definitely become a lot more efficient and our evaluation is a lot less burdensome now.”  

Isabel Montgomery, Deveron Care Concern  

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