About our workshops

Booking process

For ESS workshops featured on our Workshops & Events page:

  • Please use the online booking form at the bottom of the event
    • After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email stating whether your place has been booked
      • Before the workshop begins, you will receive joining instructions and a Zoom link for online events, as well as all the materials you will need

        For Thrive training:

        Workshop costs

        Let’s Evaluate – Getting started: Outcomes and Indicators£120£840
        Let’s Evaluate – Make to measure: Evaluation methods and plans£120£840
        Let’s Evaluate – Telling my story: Analysing and reporting£120£840

        These costs include VAT but do not include travel, venue hire or catering. If you commission a Let’s Evaluate! workshop for more than 14 participants, we will charge £48 per additional participant. We may also charge more if you ask us to prepare additional material for the workshop (but that is not normally needed). 

        Evaluation Support Accounts (ESAs)

        Some funders will engage us to provide support to their funded organisations. This is called an evaluation support account. If you would like more information about this, please email info@evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk  

        Please note: For Tailored Support and In- house workshops, if travel costs to ESS exceed £30 it is our policy to pass this cost on to the commissioning organisation. To comply with HMRC regulations regarding travel; VAT will be added when invoicing. 

        How our workshops run

        Our workshops can be delivered in-person or online using Zoom video conferencing.

        Please read our Zoom participant guide and our digital etiquette and best practice for online events before joining.

        All of our workshops will involve a combination of:

        • The trainer talking through and explaining guidance on how to do self-evaluation
        • A PowerPoint presentation with handouts provided
        • Ice breaker activities to get people talking and to get to know each other
          • Small groups/pair work to apply what you are learning to a question or problem
          • Time to apply learning points to your own work and write notes on templates provided

          How you participate

          • Listening – to the trainer’s explanations and to feedback from other participants 
          • Reading – all workshops involve some reading which includes information or instructions for activities from handouts, and the PowerPoint presentation. 
          • Writing – in group activities there is a small amount of note taking required that one person from the group can do for everyone. For individual reflection time and completing provided templates it is your choice how much you write, and you will not be asked to share this with anyone unless you would like to do so. 
          • Speaking – we will ask you to introduce yourself to the group, there will be group activities where you chat with others, and we encourage you to ask questions either individually or in front of the whole group. 
          • Working with others – our workshops give you a chance to discuss issues with organisations who may face similar challenges, so working together and learning from each other are important for the sessions. 

          Ensuring our workshops are inclusive and accessible

          • You will be asked on the workshop booking form if you have any access or other support requirements, or dietary requirements for in-person events where lunch may be included – please let us know how we can help! 
          • If you need extra time or materials in a different format, contact us in advance. 

          Workshop terms and conditions

          For the Let’s Evaluate! programme:

          • We strongly recommend participants complete all 3 workshops within the Let’s Evaluate! programme in order and in full.
          • If the programme is being delivered on Zoom, each workshop will be delivered in two parts and you must attend both for full learning.
          • Each workshop should contain between 6 – 14 participants.

          For other workshops:

          • Priority will be given to staff or committee members of third sector organisations
            • Our courses are not designed for public sector or university staff. However, if you are delivering front-line services or supporting a community based service, our courses may be suitable. Contact us to find out more.
            • If Evaluation Support Scotland has to cancel a course, the participant will be offered an alternative date or given a full refund.
            • If a participant cancels their booking up to 10 working days before the course they will not be charged. If they cancel their booking after that date or do not turn up for the course they will be charged in full.
            • By booking a place on this workshop, you agree to our privacy policy which can be found here.

            We’re here to help! Contact us for help and advice.