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In line with Government guidance ESS is now able to resume in-person events and workshops and we will be running a mix of online (Zoom) and in person delivery.  At the moment we are still delivering most of our training remotely via video conferencing, but please email info@evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk if you would like to discuss in-person training.

ESS runs workshops specifically designed for the third sector.

Let’s Evaluate!

The Let’s Evaluate! programme of workshops is designed for third sector organisations and consists of three ‘starter’ workshops. We recommend that you take these three workshops workshops in order:

  1. Getting Started workshop: Outcomes and Indicators
  2. Make to measure workshop: Evaluation Methods and Plans
  3. Telling my story workshop: Analysing and Reporting on Outcomes

They are delivered regularly throughout the year, or you can commission these workshops for your own organisation. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to take bookings from people who deliver front line services in the public sector.  Please contact us at info@evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk to find out more.  

See workshop descriptions below:

Need to show the difference you make and don’t know where to start? Want to learn how to write clear outcomes, and how to set indicators to measure your outcomes? This starter workshop is designed to help you do just that!

This stimulating workshop gets you started by explaining what outcomes and indicators are and how they can help you to explain the difference your work makes. It will give you clarity on the building blocks of evaluation and includes lots of time for working on your own projects.

At this workshop you will:

  • Understand the importance of outcomes and indicators
  • Write clear outcomes for your project / organisation
  • Set indicators to help measure whether you are achieving your outcomes

Upcoming Getting started: Outcomes and Indicators workshops & events

Explore the questions and processes involved in choosing the best methods for your project including looking at sources of evidence, the level of user involvement the tool can provide, and keeping evaluation proportionate to your resources.

This creative workshop which follows on from ‘Getting started: Outcomes and indicators’ shows you what evaluation methods to use and how to make a monitoring and evaluation plan.

 At this workshop you will:

  • Understand the steps and principles to follow when choosing or developing evaluation methods
  • Use different methods and tools to collect information about your outcomes
  • Put in place a monitoring and evaluation plan for your project /organisation

Upcoming Make to measure: Evaluation Methods and Plans workshops & events

This informative workshop investigates how to pull together evidence and make sense of it, even though it might be coming from different places and consist of different types of data! You will gain the latest understanding of best practice in reporting and explore what a positive funder relationship looks like.

Using evaluation for learning is just as important as using it to provide outcome evidence for your funders and this workshop examines how your evaluation practice can achieve both of these and more.

At this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Analyse information collected to evidence the achievement of your project outcomes 
  • Report on the achievement of project outcomes to funders and stakeholders
  • Learn from the analysis to improve project delivery

Upcoming Telling my story: Analysing and Reporting on Outcomes workshops & events

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Further topic specific workshops

From time to time we offer some more advanced topic-specific workshops:

This workshop introduces you to logic models as a way to:

  • Plan and evaluate their work
  • Manage complexity when planning projects; e.g. calculating the impact of multiple projects or complex interventions
  • Link local outcomes to national or higher level outcomes

We no longer run this as an open workshop, but it can be commissioned by your organisation. Alternatively, you can access our free online learning about logic modelling here, and/or you can choose to have a tailored support session with us on this topic.

As part of our everyday work we hear about many people’s experiences of their lives, what’s important and how they experience services. In this workshop we will explore how we can make better use of that rich information to show we are making a difference, to improve our services and to feed into policy and system improvement in general. This means being more deliberate about collecting, analysing and reporting people’s experiences.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explain why and how people’s experiences and more qualitative feedback can be used in monitoring & evaluation
  • Understand the difference between experiences and case studies
  • Use simple methods to collect and record and analyse people’s experiences
  • Review how you currently hear, record and use people’s experiences

‘I didn’t know how I felt about learning online but it worked really well.’

Fiona Taylor, SPFL Trust

‘I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the training worked online – a really informative session. Great job, well done!’

Kirsteen Powell, Carers of East Lothian

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