We provide tailored support

We are currently providing tailored support via Zoom or by telephone.

Tailored support

Tailored support involves a meeting of 2-3 hours between a member of the ESS team and 1-4 people from your organisation. Support is tailored to the needs of your organisation and can involve some of the following:

  • Write outcomes 
  • Develop theory of change (logic modelling)
  • Define indicators
  • Develop appropriate information collection methods
  • Analyse data you have gathered
  • Write reports
  • Devise an evaluation plan
  • Embed evaluation into your organisation
  • Think about what you want from an “external evaluation”

It’s often helpful to attend a workshop or two first so you can decide if you need a tailored support session.  A tailored support session costs £576 (including VAT).

Sometimes a funder will pay us to provide support to their funded organisations. This is called an Evaluation Support Account – perhaps your funder has set up one with us?

Extended tailored support (longer term tailored support)

Some organisations are finding they have good evaluation in place for individual projects but not for the organisation as a whole.  This can make it hard to be consistent, share learning or demonstrate impact as a whole.  Extended tailored support might help!  This usually involves multiple sessions of tailored support with groups of staff from across the organisation to create flexible organisation-wide systems and build staff skills. 

The case studies below will give you a better idea about how you can use extended tailored support for your organistaion:

Evaluation Planning Case Study: The value of extended tailored support (Shared Care Scotland)

This case study is about how Shared Care Scotland (SCS) created an evaluation system for the Short Breaks Fund grants. To do this, SCS commissioned five tailored support sessions with ESS over 10 months.

Embedding Evaluation Case Study: Evaluation Champions help embed evaluation (Who Cares? Scotland)

Who Cares? Scotland developed organisational evaluation champions to help embed evaluation throughout their organisation.

Embedding Evaluation Case Study: Consultation and involvement: Using staff experience to inform evaluation systems (Victim Support Scotland)

This case study is about how Victim Support Scotland developed organisation-wide outcomes, indicators and evidence collection methods.

The number of sessions and cost is dependent on the organisation’s goals. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Remember to check if your funder has set up an Evaluation Support Account with us – which means they can pay for your tailored support.

“Without the expert knowledge of ESS we would most likely deviate from the good work done so far and stray from the main objective.”

And also

  • Since March 2020 you may need support to evaluate services that have moved online or you may have changed how you deliver your services in another way. For resources to help evaluate at a distance see our COVID-19 webpage here.
  • ESS can’t do an evaluation for you! But we can help you commission an external evaluation.

We’re here to help! Contact us for help and advice.