Tailored support

Image of a group of participants from the MaxWELL Centre attending a tailored support. The participants are sitting at a table gathered around some worksheets.
Staff from the MaxWELL Centre during a tailored support session

Tailored support involves a meeting of 2-3 hours between a member of the ESS team and 1-4 people from your organisation. It can be online or in person. The approach is facilitated discussion and practical action planning tailored to your evaluation need. In the session we ask questions, lead discussions, share our insights and help you come up with practical actions to improve your evaluation.  See this page for how we work.

What tailored support sessions can involve:

Evaluation plans: tailored support often involves ESS working with you on an evaluation plan of outcomes, indicators and methods that work for you and your service users. Typically you will need 1 or 2 sessions.

Whole organisation support: Many organisations want to be better at showing the impact of their organisation as a whole – not just individual projects.  We can run a series of tailored support with staff from across your organisation. This might include helping you to create organisation-level outcomes or a theory of change, to map team outcomes to the organisation level, to improve the effectiveness or consistency of evaluation methods, or to get staff on board. ESS might work with individual teams or with a “champion’s group” from across the organisation – it’s up to you! The number of sessions depends on the size and complexity of the task but 3-5 sessions is normal.

Analysing and reporting: if you already have collected evaluation data, we can help you review that data and think through how to use it for reporting and future planning and improvement. Typically you will need 1 or 2 sessions.


Each tailored session costs:£600

This includes half a day of ESS prep time and half a day of facilitation (2-3 hours), as well as any write-up. This price includes VAT but does not include travel, venue hire or catering.

Sometimes a funder will pay us to provide support to their funded organisations. This is called an Evaluation Support Account – perhaps your funder has set up one with us?

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Topic specific support: We can provide tailored support on a specific evaluation challenge. This involves talking you through our evaluation resource on this topic and helping you improve your own evaluation in this area. Topics we can help with include:

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    Examples of our work

    The case studies below will give you a better idea about how you can use extended tailored support for your organisation:

    Case Study: Shared Care Scotland

    This case study is about how Shared Care Scotland (SCS) created an evaluation system for the Short Breaks Fund grants. To do this, SCS commissioned five tailored support sessions with ESS over 10 months.

    Case Study: Victim Support Scotland

    This case study is about how Victim Support Scotland developed organisation-wide outcomes, indicators and evidence collection methods.

    “Without the expert knowledge of ESS we would most likely deviate from the good work done so far and stray from the main objective.”

    Image of two participants from the traverse theatre attending a tailored support. One participant is writing on a piece of flipchart while the other participant is watching.
    Staff from the Traverse Theatre during a tailored support session

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