Supporting you to support others

At ESS, we know we can’t reach everyone in the third sector ourselves. We want to support those who can reach some of the organisations we can’t, in order to help more third sector organisations to get to grips with evaluation.

This section of our website provides advice and resources that intermediaries can use to support others with evaluation.

By “intermediaries”, we mean:

  • Local intermediaries (TSIs)
  • National intermediaries (SCVO, Voluntary Health Scotland, etc)
  • Any other body that supports other organisations/has a role to play in building the capacity of other organisations

(Please note: this section of our website is not about supporting intermediaries with their own evaluation. If you require evaluation support for yourself, please see our Support to third sector organisations page, or take a look at our resources on intermediaries’ impact.)

Many of you have told us that simply making the case for evaluation (and why it’s important) is something you often have to do with the organisations you support (before actually supporting them with it).

Sharing the resource below with organisations should help you to make the case for evaluation and encourage them to see its many benefits.

Intermediaries can commission us to run workshops for their members or funded organisations.

These workshops are designed to teach third sector organisations how to evaluate their work. They can be commissioned and delivered to a group of staff within a single organisation, either in-person or online.

If you would like ESS to provide you with some tailored support to discuss some specific questions or challenges you are experiencing in your work to support others with evaluation, please contact us.

Tailored support involves a meeting of 2-3 hours between a member of the ESS team and 1-4 people from your organisation. It can be online or in person. The approach is facilitated discussion and practical action planning tailored to your needs. In the session we ask questions, lead discussions, share our insights and help you come up with practical actions to improve your work with third sector organisations. Each tailored session costs £600.

Below you’ll find some resources to help you support others at various stages of the evaluation pathway.

Setting outcomes and identifying indicators

Choosing evaluation methods, writing evaluation plans, storage of data

Analysing evidence, reporting, reflecting on learning