Demonstrating impact on health inequalities

ESS has been asked by the National Learning Collaborative for Inequalities to develop a theory of change to show the third sector’s contribution to tackling health inequalities. This work is funded by NHS Health Scotland

The aim of this programme is to support third sector organisations to better understand and show their impact on health inequalities. The third sector plays a crucial role in tackling health inequalities, but the impact of the sector is not always understood by commissioners and funders.

The work builds on our previous work in this area which includes:

  • Phase 1 – Conducting a scoping study with third sector organisations.  From this we developed a 5 step guide to evaluating impact on health inequalities
  • Phase 2 – Designed and delivered tailored workshops in partnership with CHEX to build understanding of the causes of inequalities and how to evaluate work to tackle inequalities.  The workshop was based on the 5 steps guide.

Phase 3

From June to December 2019 we will bring together a diverse range of representatives from different parts of the third sector to develop a theory of change/logic model which explains the role the third sector plays in tackling inequalities. 

We hope that this will help:

  • Third sector organisations to explain to funders and partners how their work contributes to preventing health inequalities
  • Funders and commissioners to better understand the third sector’s contribution

In February 2020, we developed the final resource for this programme called ‘Recognising our rich tapestry: measuring the third sector’s contribution to health inequalities.’ You can read it through the ‘Related Resources’ link below, or by clicking here.

We hope that this work will feed into the public health reform agenda.

Related resource:

Matter of Focus have been supporting organisations in Edinburgh to use a shared outcomes framework to gather evidence and report meaningfully on outcomes which contribute to tackling health inequalities.

Please read their blog for more information about how they are supporting organisations.

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