Experiencing Recovery – Everyone Has a Story

ESS has worked with the Partnership Drugs Initiative (PDI) on a programme to hear the voices, opinions and feelings of young people whose parents are in recovery from problem alcohol and other drug use.  

We worked with learning sets of third sector practitioners over twelve months (2015-2016), to collect data and feedback from the children and young people using an action research approach, and improve tools and understanding about how to listen to children and young people. Ice Cream Architecture also supported young people to engage in the programme and the PDI also undertook a literature review and practitioner survey.

The purpose of the programme was to address a specific gap in knowledge, support and evidence. The programme looked to:

  • Increase awareness of the views from children and young people
  • Increase understanding of support needs for children and young people
  • Enhance practitioner skills to deliver supportive models based on evidence of need
  • Increase in strategic planning and policy developments in this area
  • Increase applications to PDI that will recognise the needs and views of children and young people
  • Contribute to the improved long-term well-being for children and young people

In June 2016 the findings from this work were published. They consist of a summary document supported by four component reports that provide support, tools and materials that provide guidance for practitioners, policy-makers and funders.

Read more about the launch event and programme in Emma Liddell’s blog here.

The programme is funded by PDI (which is part of Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland), with additional funding from the Robertson Trust and Scottish Government