Think Tank

Shared Care Scotland administers the Short Breaks Fund on behalf of Scotland’s National Carer Organisations and the Scottish Government.

Short Breaks Fund: Think Tank

The Think Tank was an evaluation project developed in partnership between Shared Care Scotland and Evaluation Support Scotland.  The Think Tank consisted of a small group of organisations funded through the Short Breaks Fund, who worked together to create a short breaks’ evaluation toolkit.

Why an evaluation toolkit?

The importance of short breaks for carers and those they care for is increasingly better understood, with imaginative short break designs now starting to take over from the more traditional model of residential “respite.”

However, the range of different short breaks can make it difficult for agencies to clearly identify the difference that their breaks make to carers and those they care for.  Although there are different sources of evaluation support and a range of resources available if you know where to look, these have not yet been gathered  together and adapted in a single “how to” resource pack.

The Toolkit does just that:  it is a straightforward, user-friendly guide to how to evaluate short breaks in any setting, with easy to use resources.

The Toolkit was launched at a national conference on 21 May 2013 with Michael Matheson, MSP, Minister for Public Health.  To download the toolkit click here.