Thrive – Reach, Teach and Preach

Helping organisations to use physical activity or sport to achieve outcomes

The Thrive Learning Programme was developed by ESS and Actify, funded by Spirit of 2012.  This programme helps practitioners understand more about how to use physical activity or sport to achieve a range of outcomes.  It is now being rolled out across Scotland, supported in the first instance through the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity programme (a partnership between Scottish Government, Spirit of 2012, The Robertson Trust, Spirit of 2012, and sportscotland).

The Learning Programme is FREE. It has three modules, involves three days of training and some additional work-based learning.

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View and download our digital brochure here for more information and easy access to other links, and to share this information with others in the sport and physical activity sector.

Feedback from pilot participants 

“Taking part has reinforced my feeling that this is essential learning for all of my team. If we are to get better at understanding and sharing the impact of sport and physical activity we need to be better equipped. Having all trained and able to access learning from others and tools to support projects will make a difference as we try and use sport and physical activity more intentionally to bring about change.”

Jude Deacons, Community Activation Manager, Active Stirling

“I’m often guilty of establishing programmes and measuring success purely on attendances. I think outcomes can support a much wider process of evaluation.” 

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