Understanding intermediaries’ impact

Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) is working with national third sector intermediaries about how they measure and report on their impact.  

A resource for understanding Intermediaries’ impact has been developed by Evaluation Support Scotland with a working group of national Third Sector Intermediaries.

How the resource was developed

The following event report tells you what happened at the Understanding intermediaires’ impact seminar which took place on 24th July 2017, what the conclusions were, and three things that ESS in partnership with intermediary organisations will do now.

Understanding intermediaries’ impact report 2017 

The seminar

At the seminar a discussion paper was presented to the attending intermediaries and officials who feedback their views and gave suggestions to shape the next steps.  Read the scoping report here.

The report includes:

  • Defining the territory: what is an intermediary, who are they and what do they do
  • Understanding intermediary impact: what we mean and gaps in the evidence base
  • What we found out about evaluating impact: how impact is measured, who cares, types of outcome and types of activity towards these outcomes, methods used, measurement challenges
  • Conclusion and next steps: if there is a need for help with impact measurement, issues for future work and what we propose.

Similar work

Impact and outcomes reporting for intermediary organisations 

Iriss was involved in delivering workshops, alongside Corra Foundation, that helped explore with intermediary support organisations their approaches to expressing the impact and outcomes of their work. 

The aim was to support participants think about how they place the contribution their work makes to the people who they ultimately aspire to provide care and support for, as they do not work directly with these groups.

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